JTBN.org is the official website and companion to Journey to Become Nothing on YouTube.

Journey to Become Nothing is a project that starts with the intention of spreading spiritual knowledge to the world’s civilizations.

Human beings, particularly in this modern world full of great technologies, are hindered by the very things they create and grow up with. Each day, “time” becomes more meaningful and the journey is forgotten. They rarely take a moment to examine the vastness of this Earth, let alone the details they consider to be minute, such as the way grass is wavering across an open field, or how a wave pummels into a cliff side.

Day by day, as they grow older and conform to society, they forget the part about simply… being.

The journey to become nothing is your chance at getting back to what you truly are: nothing, yet everything.

Take time to enjoy the smells of nature, the birds chirping, and to examine those that do not take the time for these things. Over time, you will start going back to the roots that began your blossom, filling your heart with immeasurable energy, compassion, and truth.